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             latinbeauti, Age 38, Texas


White women Black men

"I have been on and off this site for 3 years, and even went on a few dates with local men. I had just got back on when ej32006 sent me a flirt. I liked his pic and everything about his profile but, he was in New Jersey and I am in Texas. I had never really been open to long distance relationships but considering the fact I wasnt having any luck in my own city, and Houston is huge, I figured it couldnt hurt to email him. Its been about a month since that first contact and although we are miles apart, we grow closer everyday just from talking. I plan on flying up there in a few weeks and I just know I wont be needing this site anymore. Good luck everyone and dont give up on love. Peace….latinbeauti"  White women Black men

Interracial Dating : White Women Black men

           “Love For Him Gets Stronger”


cathe07, Age 26, Bulacan, Philippines

White Women Black men

"Last Aug. of 2010 I meet the man of my dreams but we hadn’t talked or chatted we just sent flirts to one another. Then I almost gave up as he never wrote to me ( he was not a member) then finally last Nov. he wrote me and since that day we fell in love. He lives in US and me here in the Philippines. We already met in person for the first time last March and the feelings that I have for him gets more stronger…. and now we are engaged and planning to get married ASAP" White Women Black Men

White Women Black Men

                                           “Found My Prince Charming”
                                                  America1014, Age 38, California

"I joined this site less than a month ago and I never thought I was gonna find a REAL DIAMOND in here, but I did! Everything started with a flirt, messages, emails, texts, pictures, phone calls … He is just great! White women black men The only little thing that I know we’re gonna be able to work out soon is distance. I live in San Diego, CA and he lives in Richmond, VA … He’s flying me there next weekend and I’m excited! We just cannot believe this happened to us so quick! … we even talked about sending this site a thank you message for what u did for us. I know one thing, Steven is the prince charming I was looking for! Thank you and we’ll send you a wedding invitation after he moves to San Diego … Steven & Zorayda” White women black men